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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Kim in Updates


Big news! My life has changed wildly since I started Affairs of Living ten years ago; what started as a blog dedicated to my allergy-friendly food adventures while healing from Chronic Lyme Disease eventually led me into pursuing a Master's degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I now co-own the thriving clinic Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts here in Minneapolis, and am in the process of completing my health coaching certification.

All the while, I've kept this blog up, but I haven't added new content in years. Shockingly, it still gets great traffic, and this blog content fills a very specific niche of "I am allergic to most regular food and omg I have Lyme Disease what the f*** do I do now?!". But most importantly for me, it is a really honest depiction of my life during a really scary, challenging, and utterly transformative time. Everything about this blog, and the connections I made with amazing people through it, were so vital for me. 

After some creative visioning and soul searching, I've decided to relaunch Affairs of Living as the home for my soon-to-come health coaching practice. All the blog content will transfer to a new lovely site (because Squarespace has made some major upgrades since I set up shop there soooooo long ago, lol), and there will be all kinds of fun new features that align with my current life as a woowoo coach and Chinese medicine practitioner and my roots as a gluten-free foodie. I'm planning to center my health coaching practice on working with folks living with complex health conditions, providing support (and a little tough love) to connect them with their intuition, inner healer, and personal magic. The best part? I'll be offering coaching services telephonically, so I can work with people EVERYWHERE! I'm excited to get back to my long time internet home. Stay tuned! 

xoxo, Kim

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