Hi, I'm Kim. 

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I'm a health coach, acupuncturist, herbalist, crystal loving queer femme, a boss witch, and a survivor of chronic tick-borne illness.

Growing up with a massage therapist mom, a naturalist dad, and a circle of wise women family friends, I've felt drawn to the world of healing arts since my youth. It was a health crisis with Lyme Disease in my mid-twenties, however, that drew me in further. Through an integrative combination of therapies, lifestyle changes, and spiritual exploration, I found relief, hope, deeper self-intuition, and a path forward — and was inspired to support others in finding the same. In the midst of my health crisis, I started Affairs of Living as a food and wellness blog in 2008. It became my place to find connection with others on a healing path, share the recipes that fed me in many ways, and documented a tender time in my life. 

As soon as I found stability in my health, I left my corporate job in August 2012 and began a Masters of Chinese Medicine program, putting the blog aside to focus on my studies. Fast forward through three-and-a-half rigorous years of study, a six month post-graduate fellowship, authoring a published paper, and starting a solo acupuncture practice that has grown into a thriving multi-person co-owned clinic, and here we are today. My next phase? I'm returning here, to my internet home, ready to share more recipes and offer one-on-one, collaborative health coaching.

All this time, I've continued to navigate this question for myself: "what does self-care look like for me now?" Because, as we know, as our lives change, so must our self-care. My personal healing journey and clinical experience have cemented my belief in the need to align body, mind, and spirit to achieve long-lasting wellness and deep transformation.

Whether I'm in the clinic, teaching a workshop, or working virtually, I strive to help patients of all ages feel affirmed, empowered, and aware of their intrinsic healing potential and intuition. I'm passionate about helping people find hope and inspiration, and discover the tools they need to move through transitions with ease.

The important stuff

  • I graduated summa cum laude with a Masters of Chinese Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2015, am nationally credentialed through the NCCAOM, and am a Licensed Acupuncturist here in Minnesota.

  • After graduation, I completed six-month Pediatric Integrative Health Fellowship at University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital in 2016.

  • Fusing my love for learning and travel, I studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Zhengzhou, Henan, China in 2017.

  • I'm in the process of completing Health Coaching Certification through Wellcoaches School of Coaching - almost done!

  • I co-own Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, a Chinese medicine clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with my beloved #workwife Amy Kuretsky

Fun Facts

  • Astrological profile: Taurus sun, Aries moon, and Gemini rising

  • I love to travel. My current bucket list includes Croatia, Costa Rica, anywhere in Scandinavia, and revisiting Utah and Colorado whenever I can.

  • Since I was a kid, I've had a close relationship with stones and view them as amazing healing allies and teachers.

  • Before my work in the healing arts, I studied music, fiber arts, and art history in undergrad, then worked in commercial photography for a major retail corporation.

  • I'm the lead author on a very niche paper that was published in Medical Acupuncture. This paper was a labor of love for well over a year - I'm so proud!

  • I'm a former triathlete, two times over!

  • Music is like medicine for me; I grew up playing viola. One of my goals is to join a local symphony and start playing regularly again.

Now that I’ve shared a bit about me, I’d love to learn about you.