The answer? Candida and parasites.

The test are in!

I do have parasites and a Candida Yeast overgrowth (as suspected)! The Candida was not a surprise, but the parasites were. I guess lots of people have parasites, and it isn't that uncommon after all.It feels so good to have a answer - a real, DNA-based answer - to explain what is going on. And also to know that the dietary and lifestyle modifications that I've been making have been on the right track. My naturopath has prescribed a bunch of different treatments and we are on a mission.

I had stopped my previous anti-fungals when I started seeing my new naturopath, so I've been off them for almost 6 weeks. I just started taking Caproyl a few days ago, and now I'm experiencing the start of die off symptoms again - sore throat, headache, some stomach discomfort, some bloating, chills (despite the sweltering summer heat), all that stuff. My combination anti-parasite/anti-fungal herbal concoction will be arriving in the mail shortly, and I'll probably have another round of die-off symptoms when I start with that. Water, water, water. At least the die-off is short. The results will last longer. And I have an answer!

The tricky part: parasites feed off protein. Also, the tests showed that my body isn't digesting protein very well. So, I can't stick to the high-protein low-carb diet suggested by so many anti-Candida plans. I had been eating this way and felt overloaded by meat and low on carbohydrate-driven energy. So, I need to stick to a lower protein intake to kill off the parasites, and instead emphasize good, whole grains and smaller amounts of vegetable and meat proteins. It may feed the Candida more, but at least I'll be digesting the food. And I rather eat a little more millet than an extra steak anyway. :)

I am excited because my naturopath is encourage 1 low sugar fruit a day - which is more than I was allowing myself. That was like music to my fruit-starved ears.

So. Parasites and Candida. Watch out. This lady is on a mission.