Cashew Seaweed Gomasio (gluten free, vegan)

I'm allergic to sesame. This makes me sad. I love all things sesame, from tahini to sesame oil to the little plain old seed itself. And I love gomasio. Gomasio is sesame salt, a tasty thing used in Japanese cuisine and adopted by the macrobiotic folks. It is a combination of toasted sesame seed and sea salt, and sometimes also includes sea vegetable flakes. It is used as a condiment for grains and vegetables, and is high mineral, low sodium, totally tasty seasoning on anything and everything.

When I first cut out sesame, I made my own gomasio with pumpkin seeds, and it was awesome. Then I found out I'm also allergic to pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. WTF. So, I've moved on to making gomasio with other things, and finding it just as satisfying. While the seaweed is optional, I really like it added in the mix. My favorite seaweed for gomasio is dulse. Dulse is a super nutritious sea vegetable with a lovely reddish-purple color and a mild flavor. It is high in calcium and iron, and when purchased in flake form, is easy to sprinkle on anything from salads to soup. Dulse flakes are easy to find at natural foods markets or online, and saves the step of home grinding. You could also add any other dried seasoning - like onion or garlic, for example. The options are ENDLESS!

This recipe is the basic proportion for gomasio, so feel free to use the traditional sesame, or any other seed of your choosing. Or, mix it up and do a combination of seeds. If you will be using pre-toasted seeds, or ground flax, you can omit the seed toasting and grinding steps from the instructions. Or, if you don't want to make your own, and you can eat sesame, try one of these from Eden Organics.

Cashew Seaweed Gomasio

yield varies 

4 parts raw cashews (or raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemp, or ground flax seeds)
.5 part sea salt
1 part dulse flakes, or any other whole dried seaweed (wakame, hijiki, dulse, kelp, etc)
optional: .5 part dried garlic flakes, dried onion flakes, dried chili flakes, or other dried seasoning/spice of choice

Toast the nuts/seeds (omit this step if using pre-toasted seeds or ground flax). Heat a heavy skillet, and pan toast seeds until golden brown, stirring, about 2-3 minutes. Remove from pan and cool.

Grind the seaweed, if using (omit this step if using dulse flakes). Place seaweed in coffee grinder or blender, and pulse until ground evenly into a coarse powder/flakes. Set aside.

Grind the sunflower/pumpkin seeds or nuts (omit step if using sesame, hemp, or ground flax). Place cooled, toasted seeds in coffee grinder/blender, and pulse until ground to sesame seed-sized pieces.

Combine salt, seeds, and optional seaweed or other seasoning, and stir until well mixed. Transfer to tightly closed jar or shaker, and store in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

Use as a seasoning on anything - great on noodles, cooked grains, vegetables, in homemade sushi rolls, salads, or mixed into dips and spreads. YUM!