Vegetables are, by volume, the thing I eat the most of.  I eat so much vegetable.  Vegetables with breakfast, vegetables for snacks, vegetables at lunch and at dinner.  Filling up on vegetable keeps me from eating loads of starches.  Because all I really ever want to do is eat lots and lots and lots of beans, sweet potatoes, and grains. 

But today I had a rice binge.  Rice porridge for breakfast, rice macaroni pasta in my tasty homemade Zuppa di Pasta e Fagioli, two slices of homemade sorghum-rice sponge bread, a handful of puffed rice cereal and a few rice crackers, and another small bowl of rice porridge.  What the hell?  All I wanted to do was eat rice all day long.  The big salad I ate at lunch with my soup didn't sit well; the lettuce didn't agree with me at all today, and by the time I got home from work, I just needed something with fiber in my tummy.  I wanted carbs.  I wanted RICE.
My god, that was a lot of rice.  This was combined with two slightly forbidden sweetener experiences (a bit of molasses spread on some bread last night, and a little brown rice syrup in my rice porridge).  And blueberries as a snack this morning.  And some slightly sweetened coconut milk yogurt.  
And  now I'm just a little concerned, because the last week has been kind of a salt-carb-oil-sweetness craving week like I haven't experienced in a LONG time.  I wanted to eat salt on everything.  I wanted to dip everything in olive oil.  I found myself craving sugar, and adding stevia to stuff in an attempt to fulfill that need, until I got sick of that weird stevia flavor and just went right for the agave and brown rice syrup.  I just wanted to eat bread.  So, I baked some.  And it was good.  
Then it made me wonder if the small amounts of fruit I've been reintroducing to my diet could be responsible for this.  After being on the Cadida diet for 9 months, and with my naturopath's blessing, I started eating small amounts of berries to my diet 4-5 times per week.  It hasn't caused the BV issues I used to have with fruit - hooray! - but I wonder if it is causing the cravings. And I've started reintroducing really small amounts of natural sweeteners in things - mostly agave, but sometimes little little bits of honey, brown rice syrup, molasses.
Could that be making these cravings happen?  Could the Candida be growing out of control again?  Maybe I tried bringing back the sugars too soon for my body.  Or maybe it is just the normal craving that goes along with winter in Minnesota and being a woman with a hormonal cycle and I shouldn't worry about it.  My naturopath and I will be retesting for Candida in a few weeks, and then I guess we'll know the answer, huh?
In the meantime, who knows.  All I know is that today I ate a lot of ricey stuff, and it was totally satisfying. Cravings happen.  And sometimes my normally steadfast discipline wavers. It happens. And if it happens with brown rice, a pinch of agave, and some unsweetened cocoa squares melted down and sweetened with stevia and poured over puffed rice in an attempt to make a dark chocolate crispy rice bar, it won't be the end of the world.  
But I'll still be eating a lot of vegetables.