Extra! Extra! Kim kicks Candida!

I just got back lab work from the Candida Intensive Test from Genova Laboratories.


Hooray!  I tested negative for the Candida antibody.  The yeast culture also came back negative; there was only a small amount of yeast, such a small amount, in fact, that it couldn't be cultured.  

What amazing news.  Seriously.  That makes me want to cry with joy. All of this has been worth it. It worked! It really WORKED!!!!!!!!!

 Granted, Candida is tough to test for, symptoms are a better indicator than labs sometimes.  I have been feeling so much stronger, so much better, so much more like my old self. I haven't had issues with BV in ages. And everything just feels better. Combined with these results,my naturopath is confident is saying that it looks like I may have killed the Candida and stabilized the yeast! Natural healing works wonders. This is so gratifying. What great news.  I still have to be very very very careful; Candida is opportunistic. It easily takes over in an unstable environment. This is a pivotal time.

This also indicates that there is still more work to be done.  I'm not totally 100% yet; there is still more healing to do.  I still have days when I don't feel great, I still get stomach aches and have digestive issues, I'm still not as strong as I used to be, and my menstrual cycle is still MIA. So, while the Candida and yeast may be at bay for now, we're not done yet.  It is time to really work on healing my tempermental gut, restoring good bacteria, and strengthening my immune system.  My naturopath is out on maternity leave, and a couple of different naturopaths are filling in for her.  While it is hard filling in new people, having a new point of view on treatment is kind of interesting.  I just had a phone consult and we have a new plan of action to help keep the yeast away and to help heal the gut.  She is recommending two new supplements to my daily regimen to help facilitate healing the gut: SeaCure and GlutAloeMine.  We'll also be changing up how I take my Caproyl, mixing it with flax seed, my probiotic, bentonite clay, and water, and drinking this sludge twice per day.  Sounds great, right?  I'll add these new things to my usual cod liver oil, vitamin, digestive enzyme and DGL (my favorite).  The SeaCure sounds pretty amazing, testimonials from their website and the information from the naturopath make it sound very effective.

Great news. What great news.

I'll still be keeping up many of these restrictions for awhile - you can't just jump back in to anything. And I've really enjoyed living without sugar and all that stuff, I feel much better without it. But this might mean that more fruit could come back soon...that would be very exciting. And maybe honey or maple syrup or brown rice syrup could find its way into a homemade energy bar or cookie. All in due time. All in due time.

As I've learned, patience and moderation is key in the healing process.

Continued thoughts of wellness to all of you in your own health journeys, and may you find the answers and results you are looking for.