YouBar: customized, allergy friendly nutrition/energy bar! (allergy friendly, vegan, gluten free)

Coolest thing ever!  You pick the ingredients, and this company  makes your bars, to order.  No joke.  The company is YouBar; in addition to custom nutrition bars, they also make protein shake mixes and trail mixes to order.  What a great idea!

Based in LA, they were started by a mom and son, and now have grown over a couple years.  Their website is super fun - I spent a long time selecting different ingredients and watching it calculate and recalculate the nutrition info on the spot.  They have lots of gluten free options, as well as low sugar or sugar free options, so you could easily make a bar that would fit just about any need.  Awesome!  From fruit, nut butter, or seed butter bases, to all sorts of add-ins like extra seeds, nuts, fruits, spices, flavorings, protein powder, and grains, the options are totally endless.  I need to try these out some time and order a box of custom bars!  Lately I've tried making a few different energy bar type things myself, since aside from the AllerEnergy bars I blogged about last month (and even those are a stretch), there is NOTHING on the market that works for my current set of restrictions and allergies.  But with YouBar, I could make my own bar - with all the ingredients that work for me - without actually having to make it myself. 

How awesome is that.

They are pricey, but maybe sometimes you are just willing to pay the price for something that actually works and makes life a little easier and more enjoyable.  I'll have to plan on ordering a box sometime for a very special treat.

Just think!  Depending on what ingredients you choose, you can make your energy bar any combination of gluten free, soy free, sugar free, corn free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, seed free, or fruit free,  all (almost) all of the above.  You can choose the bar size, the amount/proportion of the ingredients you choose, and even name it yourself.   They have over 45 different ingredients to choose from, and the options are endless. 

Check it out!