Lost recipe: Indian Spiced Mung Bean Carrot Flatbread (gluten free, vegan, high protein)

I love bread.

You've probably gathered this already from the amount of baking I do.

I made up this bread after making my own roasted mung bean flour, and wanting to use it for something immediately!  The bummer?  Amidst moving to a new apartment, I seem to have lost the recipe.  Damn.  

Like many of you, I write recipes down as I go, scribbling on scrap paper, old envelopes, paid bills, and the inside of cardboard boxes.  I keep track of all these things pretty well.  But sometimes my recipe papers are mistaken for bits of wastepaper, and end up in the recycling bin...like this one.  

This bread was very tasty; it turned out a lot like cornbread, with a great moist texture, a nutty flavor, and a lovely crumb.  Plus, it looks pretty - it had a crackly top, a lovely golden color, and little flecks of orange from shredded carrot.  Using a mix of mung bean flour, quinoa flour, and brown rice flour, this is a high protein bread that should be fairly low on the glycemic index and is full of healthy fiber.  Flavored with cumin, coriander, and turmeric, this bread would be tasty spread with your favorite bean dips, nut or seed butters, or chutneys, or served along side soups and salads.  I'm eating leftovers that I had stashed in the freezer; leftover slices freeze and thaw very well, and it stays moist.  Let thaw at room temperature or defrost in microwave, then pop in a toaster oven so it gets crisp on the outside for an extra-special twist (my favorite!).

I kind of remember the basics, but don't want to guess.  So, I will attempt to recreate this delicious bread, make a few tweaks, and post the recipe as soon as I can!  Until then, the photos will have to suffice.  

Look at the golden, crackly top!  Beautiful.  If only I hadn't lost the darn piece of scrap paper I wrote the recipe on...