Moving, unpacking, settling!

 The past couple weeks have been a blur of packing boxes, cleaning, going through old boxes of stuff and keeping only what I truly needed.  Yes, that's right, I moved.  To a smaller, less expensive, more efficient apartment.   A team of amazing family and friends helped me move and settle in, and I'm loving my new apartment.  It is cozy, peaceful, and exactly what I hoped for.  I have set a healing intention for my home; it will be a place of growth, renewal, and serenity before I head off on my adventure to Portland next year for school.  

Plus, on the kitchen side of things, it has a full size refrigerator, dishwasher, a nice little gas stove, and recently replaced cabinets and a new countertop.  It is in marvelous condition. A dishwasher is a serious luxury, and while I won't use it all the time, it certainly will be convenient after large-scale kitchen experiments and dinner parties.     

I have many recipes I need to post - some very tasty Carob Chip Mesquite Cookies, a tasty Mung Bean Carrot Bread, and the cultured vegetable recipes I promised from so long ago, just to name a few.  Now that I am on break between school terms and I've finally moved, I can hopefully catch up on some of the recipes I've been wanting to post between unpacking boxes and bins.  So, stay tuned for more recipes and a peek at the charming place I now call home.