My radio interview is now online!

On Saturday, August 1 I was the guest chef on The Fresh & Local Show on AM950 here in the Twin Cities. The Fresh & Local Show is a local live radio show sponsored by the Central Minnesota Vegetable Grower's Association and in partnership with the ever-fabulous Minneapolis Farmer's Market. Each week they have different guests to talk about local foods, gardening, the farmer's market, and how to use farmer's market produce to cook and eat.

I wrote up a post last week before the interview, and then bravely ventured to the radio studio bright and early on Saturday morning, a batch of freshly baked Rhubarb Cashew Cookies in hand. I was a little nervous about the experience, but in the end, it was a blast. The hosts, Susan Berkson and Bonnie Dehn, were vivacious, joyful, and so knowledgable. It was an awesome experience to talk food with other people that are passionate about eating close to the Earth and supporting local agriculture. Plus, they loved my cookies (which made me feel incredibly honored). For my efforts on the show, I got a beautiful goodie bag with fresh carrots, raspberries, and basil from Bonnie's farm. I felt like the luckiest girl on Earth!

If you missed the interview, or live outside the Twin Cities area, you can hear the interview online on the radio show website! Check out The Fresh & Local Show page, and look for the August 1 broadcasts - my interview is in part 4. It is available to stream, or can be downloaded as an MP3 file. I talk about my overall cooking philosophy, how I like to shop the market, and share a recipe for Turnip and Carrot Fries. Oh, yeah, and Bonnie and Susan rave over my cookies!

If you live in the Twin Cities area, be sure to check out the show this Saturday, August 8 - fellow Minneapolis blogger A-K Thordin, author of blog Swell Vegan, is going to be the guest! Bonnie and Susan needed more guests, and as a regular reader of Swell Vegan, I obviously thought of A-K and recommended they contact her. Well, one thing led to another, and she will be on the show this Saturday! If you've never checked out her blog, it is a must read - she makes beautiful vegan food, and dabbles with gluten free cooking too! The broadcast is from 8-9 a.m. on AM950, and she will be featured sometime after 8:30. Otherwise, check The Fresh & Local Show webpage next week for her broadcast to be up online too.

Happy cooking!