simple, lovely.

These are the first apples of the season, fresh from yesterday's farmer's market. They are Whitney crabapples, little gems that are only about an inch and a half to two inches in diameter. They are juicy, crisp, and taste like honey with a tart twist. The farmer told me this variety is only good for a few weeks in early August, and then they become grainy and starchy.

I want to put them in a pan as is and roast them. I also thought about making apple chutney. But they are so good fresh I can't bear to cook them, I almost feel like they might be best enjoyed in their natural, fresh off the tree state.

But for now, I will admire their simple beauty as they sit in a bowl on my counter, and give thanks for the bounty of nature.

Speaking of bounty, my garden is growing marvelously. I planted some late-season arugula, and harvested my first winter squash, a modest little buttercup. The squashes are taking over the garden - delicatas are growing in the hastas, the butternuts have started climbing the fence, and the buttercups are filling in everywhere else. My beets are growing well, the herbs are still yielding tons, and zucchini plant is still on course for world domination.