when obsessive late night baking and photography happens to good people.

I'm in a wedding this weekend (that explains the French manicure), and I wanted to bring along treats that I could eat while everyone indulges snacks all day and cake at the reception. So, after the rehearsal dinner, I started a baking project at about 10:30 pm. I was inspired by Karina's latest cupcake project: Vanilla Cupcakes with Mocha Icing. I made a number of alterations on both the cupcake and the frosting recipes, one of which was omitting coffee from the frosting and using Dandy Blend, and garnishing with raw cacao nibs and a dusting of cocoa powder. They look lovely, don't they? I really can't wait to eat one of these tomorrow. Er...wait, make that today, because it is well after midnight and I think I'm turning into a pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins, I think this recipe has great promise for something resembling pumpkin cupcakes with something resembling cream cheese frosting. However, I will be using squash instead, since it turns out I'm a little allergic to pumpkin, and will have to come up with some sort of clever substitute for cream cheese (I have a few thoughts on that). I think cupcakes will be my new baking obsession. This recipe is awesome; Karina truly is our favorite gluten-free goddess.

In the meantime, this baking-obsessed, apron-clad bridesmaid is off to bed. Today is a big day, and I need to be well-rested to wear a strapless dress, walk down an aisle, smile for about 8 million photos, and dance like tomorrow will never come.

Sweet dreams of cupcakes and love.