Dizzy Miss Lizzie

I am closing out week 3 of antibiotics, and am now on the full dose of Omnicef, Zithromax, and Minocin.  And truly, up until today, it has been relatively smooth sailing.  My inflammation seems to have decreased, and overall, my energy has been pretty great.  No digestive issues to speak of, and only mild Herxing here and there.  People have told me I look really good.  Sure, I have a bad day now and again, but overall, I have felt, well, great, really.  Now, great for me is a lot different than great for the average person, but I'll take what I can get.

Then on Monday, I had something really weird: a blackish-green coating on my tongue.  Whoa.  Wacky.  My acupuncturist was dismayed.  Then on Tuesday the facial twitches started up again.  Then the heart palpitations.  I noticed some dizziness, but nothing major, or above and beyond the tippiness I've gotten used to dealing with every now and again.  That is, until I was sitting in meditation class, closed my eyes, and felt like I was totally high.  the room was spinning, I hardly felt like i was in my body.  and while i know that some people might really enjoy that sensation for free, i wasn't digging it.  no, sir, not at all.  thankfully, when i opened my eyes, the dizziness disappated, so a spent meditation class with my eyes slightly open.  yesterday, i was trying to ignore my eyes, since the skin around them was twitching constantly.


Today, however, was the icing on the cake thus far.  I woke up really dizzy.   And foggy.  With very little appetite (that's TOTALLY weird for me).  I fumbled through my day, bumping into the wall, running into the corners of desks. Driving home from work, I found myself queasy watching the headlights drive by.  I got home, reluctantly ate dinner, and then went out to run errands I'd planned for the night.  Bad idea.  Once I got to my destination - the running shoe store, ironically enough - I found myself so tippy and out of it that I was worried the salesperson would think I had been drinking.

I hurridly got my new running shoes, got in my car, and started on my way to my apartment.  I cautiously drove home, queasy, distractable, and upset.  I started feeling scared.  I should not have been driving.

So now here I am, in bed at 9 pm, wondering if this is some kind of Herx or a negative reaction to Minocin (dizziness and nausea are both side effects).

Either way, it ain't so great.  I had hoped to go walk on the treadmill at the gym and use my new running shoes and watch episode 2 of the new season of Project Runway.  Instead, I'm lying in bed so I don't tip over into something.


On the plus side, my skin looks amazing from all these antibiotics, so at least it is clearing up any breakouts.  And the twitching and green tongue and flare-ups in symptoms make me think those little buggers are dying off, so that's a plus.  I was beginning to worry all these drugs weren't doing anything.

I guess they are.

I'm hoping I wake up tomorrow and don't look like a morning drinker as I attempt to board the bus for work, and don't feel like I'm waking up from a bender.