By CDC and NIH standards, I'm cured.

According to the CDC and NIH, most cases of chronic Lyme Disease can be cleared up using a 3 to 4 week course of antibiotics.  Having just completed my third week of antibiotics, I can tell you with assurance that I am not "cured".  

Okay, so let's break it down. I started antibiotics on January 2 (Happy New Year!).  If I had been prescribed a standard 21-day course of antibiotic, like the CDC and NIH recommends, I would have swallowed my last dose on January 22, three days ago.  Maybe my doctor would have gone for 28 days instead, and I'd still have a few more days left. Either way, any residual joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, muscle weakness, light sensitivity, digestive complaints, metabolic issues, hormone imbalances, emotional symptoms, or anything else would be attributed to other things.   Even worse, I'd probably be told they were mostly psychosomatic.  I'd be prescribed an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication.  To deal with the joint pain, I'd probably be prescribed a painkiller.  To deal with the digestive issues, I'd be told not to eat foods that irritate me, and take a probiotic or eat some yogurt to keep things regulated. I'd be told to get enough exercise and sleep and eat well and eventually, I'd feel better.


If my antibiotics stopped now, and left me feeling like how I feel today, I can say with assurance that it would be awfully challenging to resist the urge to self-medicate.  I feel like I am just starting the Herxing process; stopping antibiotic or all other forms of treatment now would be the worst thing I could do, only allowing the bacteria to grow stronger.  I have a searing headache, feel like I am walking around with a weight on my shoulders, keep losing my balance, and just want to lie down somewhere.  You'd never guess it by looking at me, so I'm sure all my coworkers think I'm just a little sleepy or little crabby or something.  

Cured?  Talk to me about cured, CDC and NIH.  Explain to me why nothing has vastly improved in three weeks if three week is all we need to cure Lyme Disease.  Offer me an answer that isn't blaming me for my own "psychosomatic" symptoms.  Tell me why people really do get better on long-term antibiotic therapy, unlike your "controlled trials" showed.  Please, I implore you.