two weeks of changes

I'm proud of myself. In the last two weeks, I've done a few things that I feel really good about.  Despite getting on the scale and seeing it read "196" and putting on some pants I hadn't seen since early Spring and nearly having an emotional breakdown, I feel I'm slowly moving back in the right direction. :)

Where I rocked it:


  • I rode my bicycle instead of driving or taking the bus, and got in a few good long walks over the lunch hour.
  • I went to the gym four times and swam laps and did water exercises. I was happy to see that I could tolerate the chlorine in the pool, something that was always really hard for me. Swimming felt amazing, and I was pleased that I was able to swim for about 30 minutes each time without getting exhausted!  Hey, I may have gained a bunch of weight, but I'm definitely healthier.  It's so humbling though; I have completed two triathlons (that feels like a different lifetime, now), and the fact that I struggle to feel strong enough to do sit ups seems so rediculous.  
  • I started getting myself on the books (paperwork, argh!!!!) to see a physical therapist and work on reconditioning my muscles in a gentle, gradual way. Yay!
  • I have been fairly successful with not snacking late at night, trying to satisfy my late-night food urges with tea, kombucha or other beverages. 
  • Over the weekend, I cooked two soups, meatloaf, and a bunch of veggies to have in the fridge for my busy week, so I can eat balanced meals and not snack on weird stuff.
  • I had a good long talk with my Lymie cousin, where she reminded me that she too is going through  major weight fluxuations, as well as most other Lymies out there. It's often part of the healing process, she reminded me, especially for a disease that throws off your thyroid, metabolism, and digestion so much.
  • I scheduled a massage for myself next week, as a way to honor my body and make it feel GOOD!


Where I struggled:


  • Forgetting to be mindful when I eat.  
  • Not having time to cook! I've been way too busy, I really overbooked myself this Fall and I'm feeling overextended.  I'm feeling better this week, since I have prepared food in the fridge for my busy nights.
  • The late night snacking. A few nights I succumbed to my urges and pigged out while listening to the BBC World News at 11 pm. Oops. 
  • Putting on cold-weather clothes from last year and - GASP - not fitting them properly, or at all. This was a major ego blow, and made me feel awful and sad and bad about my body.  I know that's extreme, but I'm just being honest here, folks.
  • Not having/finding/making time to exercise as much as I'd like.  


My goals for the next week:


  • Start doing gentle yoga again before work, starting with a very reasonable and easy to work-in 15 minutes of sun salutations.
  • Take saunas in my FAR infrared sauna box before bed. I love how this makes me feel, and I need to make time for it again.
  • Keep avoiding late-night snacking!
  • Get to the gym 4 times to swim, or as often as I can.
  • Practice mindful breathing before eating, and eat only when I'm sitting down!