November SOS Kitchen Challenge Round-Up and Giveaway Winners

November was a crazy month for both Ricki, my SOS Kitchen Challenge co-host, and me. She was blogging up a storm with Vegan MoFo and was busy marking papers at school. I packed up my old apartment and moved to a new place, finished my fall ceramics class, traveled out of town for Thanksgiving, and am taking on new responsibilities at work.  Crazy!  But despite all these distractions and obligations and responsibilities, we both managed to participate in this month's sweet potato-themed  SOS Kitchen Challenge. I told Ricki I had to bow out of commenting and managing submissions this time around due to my schedule and temporary lack of internet access - and she handled this challenge like the blogging pro she is. A big thanks to Ricki for making last month's even happen!

But a big round of applause goes out to all of you, as well - I'm happy to say that last month was our best-attended  SOS Kitchen Challenge so far, with 39 spectacular entries! Every time I saw a new submission, I did a little happy dance inside - this assortment of amazing foods is totally a dream-come-true! Of course, we both already love any recipe that includes sweet potatoes.  But a few of the savory entries stood apart from the rest, such as...

• Rhona's Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi Rolls

• Saveur's Vanilla Sweet Potato and Kale Curry

• Alex's Sweet Potato Veggie Pâté

• Megha's Sweet Potato Kebabs

• Lisa's unique Sweet Potato Pasta

And you all excelled in the sweet department, too!  Some of our faves from this month:

• K's Baked Sweet Potato and Pears

• Lisa's Sweet Potato Power Cookies

• Nicole's Sweet Potato Holiday Parfaits

. . . plus too many more great recipes to mention!  You'll just have to check out all 39 entries on your own--see the thumbnails, below! :)

And let's not forget this month's winners!

Once again this month, Ricki and I were able to offer prizes for the  SOS Kitchen Challenge. We've chosen two names at random, each to win a prize from one of us.  And the winners are:

BROOKE from B and the Boy: You've won one of my hand-crocheted mason jar cozies.  Please contact me at eatingfreelyATgmailDOTcom to discuss the details of your custom jar cozy, and pick colors/patterns/etc.

NICOLE from A Dash of Compassion: Your prize is a pack of Ricki's anti-candida ebooks, Anti-Candida Feast and Desserts without Compromise.  Please send her your email address to dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom as well so she can get your books out to you asap!

Thanks to everyone for another fun and successful SOS Kitchen Challenge last month!

And in other news. . .

Ricki's article "Holiday Survival Guide for Those on a Special Diet" is featured on This Dish is Veg.  She's shared these tips on the blog before, but here they are again in one convenient place! :)

For those of you living in the Minneapolis area, a friend and I are hosting "A Procraftinator's Delight: Last-Minute Holiday Craft Sale" on December 18 from 10 am-5 pm. There will be handmade pottery, crocheted and knitted items, homemade jams and preserves, my allergy-friendly recipe calendar, and all sorts of other surprises for sale. Read all the details here, and stop on by for your last-minute holiday gifts!  It will be fun. 

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the challenge last month. Ricki and I are taking a break in December to focus on holiday cooking, gifts, and time with friends and family. We'll see you for our next SOS Kitchen Challenge in 2011!

November SOS Kitchen Challenge Submissions: Sweet Potatoes