My Cookbook: A vegetable filled update

I just spent the better part of an hour writing an amazing post all about the cookbook I'm working on.   Then my blog server freaked out and deleted it.  

Bite me, blog server.

I no longer have the energy to be poetic and charming, so here's the basics:  

  • It is a vegetable cookbook, featuring plant-based recipes: all vegan, gluten-free, ACD-friendly, and free of most major allergens.  
  • I will probably be self-publishing through Lulu, a great self-publishing tool that prints books to order.  
  • I'm hoping to have it available by my birthday in late April.  Having a published cookbook would be the most amazing way to ring in my big 28th year of life!
  • Most of the recipes will be brand spankin' new, but I'll have a few tweaked favorites from the blog in the book too.  Not sure on the total recipe count yet, but I'm aiming for around 30-40.

I live in an enchanted broccoli forest.  Vegetables are my comfort food.  So why not focus on what I know best, and make a cookbook of all sorts of great vegetable recipes?  Don't get me wrong, I love a cookie just as much as the next person. But given my ACD status, my body's apparent dislike for too many carbohydrates, and my general frustration with the world of gluten free, vegan, sugar free baking, all I want to do is cook with vegetables.  Since it is my cookbook, I can do whatever I want, so that's what I'm doing.  Hurrah for self-publishing and the freedom it allows you.  

Here's a few photos to pique your interest!

Stay tuned for updates - you can be sure I'll be marketing this thing like crazy the minute it is ready for print!  I may even have a giveaway or two.  :)

In vegetable loving solidarity,