My Favorite Food Storage Containers

If you're spending money on high-quality food, and taking the time to prepare it, it doesn't make sense to store it in a bad container.  Storing your food in quality containers has a number of benefits.  Want to hear more about the virtues of good food storage containers, and see some of my favorites?  Watch my video debut!

Okay, so did I get you pumped up about food storage containers?  I hope so.  I know, I know, it is hard not to be totally enraptured by such an über-sexy topic. To really drill it home, here's all the basics, and a few things I forgot to mention:

  • Food is best stored in well-sealed, air-tight glass containers. Glass does not retain odors or bacteria, and can store food for long periods of time without worry.  Plus, it doesn't leach off chemicals like many plastic containers do - no worries about BPAs here!  
  • Using well-sealed containers reduces the risk of unwanted bacterial growth, and allows your food to stay fresher longer and retain better flavor.
  • Using glass containers reduces the amount of waste you produce in your kitchen, and saves you money because you aren't buying disposable plastic bags or going through as much aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  It also reduces the amount of plastic going to landfills, as 80% of glass can be reclaimed.
  • Some of my favorite glass containers are...
    • Pyrex containers
    • Glass-lock containers
    • Frigoverre containers (similar to Pyrex)
    • 1-qt (32 oz/4 cup) canning jars
    • 2-pint (16 oz/2cup) canning jars or leftover nut butter jars
    • 1-pint (8 oz/1 cup) canning jars
    • baby food jars or other small jars (perfect for dips and sauces!)
  • Using a FoodSaver does require the use of plastic bags, the plastic is high quality, and the bags can be reused over and over again. 
    • The FoodSaver sucks all the air out of the bag, and vacuum-seals the food.  No air gets in, no air gets out.  So, food lasts longer - you can freeze food in in foodsaver bags safely for up to 3 years, and many foods can last weeks refrigerated when sealed with a foodsaver. 
    • It saves space; you can easily freeze large batches of soup in seperate bags, and have nice little bricks or flats of soup that fit neatly in your freezer.  Awesome!  
    • HINT: I always buy the plastic rolls instead of separate bags, and cut bags to my own size. If you cut them much larger than you need, you can reuse the bag over and over again, washing well between uses, until it is just too small to use anymore.  Really get your money's worth, and make as little waste as possible.
    • Foodsaver also makes plastic containers that can be vacuum-sealed.

I  hope you enjoyed my first video post. It was a fun experiment for me! And while the subject matter was fairly unglamorous, it is an important one  So, purchase some glass containers, save those leftover nut butter jars, stop microwaving in plastic, and get yourself a FoodSaver. In the meantime, I'll be making more videos, hopefully with better lighting and resolution next time.  Hooray for multimedia!