vegetable poetry and snippets of autumn

fall vegetables make me smile

Autumn is an inspiring time for me; I adore the color palette, the vegetables, the crisp air, the way the light behaves, and the multi-layered style of transitional dressing. Here's a handful of images from the last week; lovely local vegetables ready to cut up for dinner, adventures with friends at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and sites from my walk home after work today. I like the phrase vegetable poetry and think I'm going to post photos like the one above more often, because they just make me happy.  I'd like to think those vegetables above weave a phrase of their own, the highlights and the shadow creating a unique and natural meter.

Speaking of vegetables, mark your calendars!  On October 17th at 10:30 am at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, I'll be doing a demo entitled "The Ravishing Rutabaga", featuring delicious recipes using the often overlooked and oh-so-delicious root vegetable.  Come for recipes, samples, and to meet me. And, all things willing, I'll have copies of my upcoming recipe collection for sale.  More info on that soon, promise.  I'll remind you as the date approaches.

Okay, ta ta for now. I'm feeling a bit quiet today, so I'm going to let these images speak for themselves.   

hubbard squashes!
fall bouquets at the Minneapolis Farmers Market
fall flowers at the Minneapolis Farmers Market
red hot